WPS Office Premium

WPS Office Premium 10.2

Create and edit all sorts of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

If looking for a more affordable and equally comprehensive alternative to MS Office, WPS Office Premium is an excellent option to consider. It offers you the three main tools available in all other Office-based suites – WPS Writer to create all kind of text-based documents and view PDF files, WPS Presentation to create animated slideshows, WPS Spreadsheets for all your formulas and tables, and a convenient PDF conversion tool. With a ribbon-based and utterly familiar look and feel (multi-document tabbing included), WPS Office Premium offers home and business users all the functions and features they need not miss its Microsoft counterpart.

WPS Writer not only can open, edit, and save documents in any native DOC-based format, but it can also work with any HTM, RTF, TXT, and Open Office XML file and even open and view PDF files thanks to its built-in reader. The program opens PDF files with the same ease and transparency as Adobe Reader does, giving you the regrettably false impression that you could even edit the PDF file without converting it if you wanted to. As a compensation for the lack of PDF editing tools, Writer offers you a PDF converter that not only can transform an entire PDF file or a range of pages into an editable Word format but can also split and merge your PDFs in no time. Actually, WPS Writer has no reason to envy MS Word in terms of format support, and its unlimited mobile access, 1 GB cloud storage, and its drag-and-drop tool to edit your documents’ layout should make Office 365 hang its head in shame.

WPS Presentation comes also with all the features you need to produce top slideshows and presentations in a straightforward and clear fashion. Complete with slide templates, animations, transitions, charts and tables, styles, WordArt, speaker notes, and comments, etc., this comprehensive presentation tool comes also with Flash support and multi-presentation tabbing – two features that you won’t find in MS PowerPoint. Excel lacks multi-file tabbing, too, a feature that you will find in WPS Spreadsheets and that will help you to multi-task with as many tables, formulas, and graphs as you need. You can password-protect your spreadsheets, spell-check them, use any of the templates provided for the most common and other not-so-common tasks, insert comments, and create a wide range of pie, bar, and line graphs from your data.

If MS Office can do it, WPS Office can also do it... and faster. Though very similar in terms of functionality, the WPS suite of tools has added a number of features that make working with all kinds of documents not only easier but also more time efficient. Low resource consumption, fast document opening, section navigation, multi-tab support, drag-and-drop editing tools, and file roaming are but some of them. All the rest are for you to discover.

WPS Office also offers you a free version that comes with most of its main functionality – 1 GB cloud storage and PDF tools included – and a Business or professional version that compensates the lack of cloud storage and its 1-PC limitation with a plenty of fonts and templates. None of them surpasses this Premium edition’s extensive functionality, but this variety of versions guarantees that there is always a WPS solution for every need.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Reads and converts PDF files
  • Cloud storage
  • Full compatibility with all MS Office formats
  • Low system requirements
  • High processing speed


  • No PDF editing features
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